Momentpin for Charities

The Momentpin engagement takes a donor beyond a ‘fire and forget’ interaction. It places their donation at the heart of their social eco system. For UK charities, Momentpin through its gift aid partner provides a seamless solution to ensure that all donations are compliant and gift is applied every time on every donation.


Momentpin will provide its users a cutting-edge fund-raising experience, which can help towards specific goals / amounts that need funding. User can have their charity appeals presented on their personal feed. Donors can create personal moments and add their donation drives so create a powerful, personal crowd funding experience.

Secured Environments

Momentpin guard charity data and provides charities with the ability to categorise content, so users can choose what they want to follow on their personal feeds.

Momentpin provides a unique charitable experience

By connecting the charity appeal with the donor, within a platform free of adverts and Momentpin provides a clean engagement experience.

Charity Drives

User creates and subscribe to charity drives.


Communities and users can engage in economic, charitable and social activity within a moment.

Gift Aid

Fully automated Gift Aid solution.


Users can choose to add charity drives onto their personal moments making the donation extend into new communities.

Charity Management

  • Incorporates moments as charity drive initiatives
  • Enables users to push charity drives in personal moments
  • Enables users to engage in more controlled, private forums for specific charity discussions
  • Allows charity to add charity donations to users personal feed, personalizing the donation process and carving it into users ‘digital DNA’


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