Momentpin for Communities

Momentpin is not only a community in itself, but a hub of communities from all over the world.

At Momentpin, we have a passion – and we firmly believe that others should too. With our platform not only can passionate communities gather and interact with new people, but they can be used to solidify existing ones. The possibilities are simply endless.

The outbreak of COVID19 saw the decline of our everyday life, and has shown the world the difference that online communities can make when done right.

Momentpin for Communities

Momentpin’s vision for ideal online communities is an easy-to-use platform, which can be accessed by all members of the family, with safety guaranteed. Our platform will allow community creators to setup communities around topics of interest, to invite users, and to decide on the privacy levels of the moments in the community, whether public, paid or private.


Free to install

Our platform is free to install and is perfectly usable by everyone with the right devices. We believe that Momentpin can provide the number one opportunity for neighborhoods, gatherings, schools, clubs, and even charities all with the ability to communicate easily and safely over their online gatherings via our application.

Share With The World

Users can create communities’ moments, at the touch of a button. They are able to add family and friends to these moments, as well as making a post and sharing content.  Many public moments are open for everyone so this allows you to gain an insight into any topic you can imagine!

These groups are run and managed by everyday people who have a passion, commitment or idea that they wish to share with the world.

Through it, they can manage the Moment to their liking, assign roles to the members and create events or tasks.


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